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  Cakes by Al

Custom Cakes Made with Care . . .
One Cake at a Time

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Q:  Is my event date available?

A:  Contact me via email or by phone to check for availability and to schedule a consultation during which we will design your cake and provide you a quote.  I am available by phone after 5:00 PM weekdays, anytime on Saturdays, and after 2:00 PM on Sundays.  I'm usually unavailable holidays, but in cases where I am able to bake, cakes usually carry a higher rate per serving.

Q:  How much are your cakes?

A:  Buttercream cakes start at $2.50 per serving and fondant cakes start at $3.50 per serving, but cost can easily increased based on type and complexity of design. There is a two dozen minimal order for cupcakes.  Rates are subject to change based on market.  Do your homework and shop around to ensure that your budget is aligned with your expectations.

Q:  How do I order a cake?

A:  Ordering your cake 6 to 8 months prior to your event is highly recommended.  Reservations are taken on a "first come first serve basis".  A non-refundable retainer of 33% of the total cost of your cake(s) is required to secure your order.  If you contact me to "discuss" your confectionary plans . . .remember it is only a discussion until a deposit is made and contract signed.

Q:  Do you offer tastings?

A:  I usually do not offer tastings because of my hectic schedule.  Most of my work comes by referrals.  But in some cases, I do offer tasting to potential clients who are not familiar with my products.  Therefore, a tasting can be arranged for a small fee.

Q:  Do you deliver?

A:  I do not delivery small party cakes. There is no charge for delivery of cakes in the Opelika/Auburn area.  There is a $1.00 per mile charge for delivery of cakes outside of my area.

Q:  How do I preserve my anniversary tier cake?

A:  Your 1st Anniversary cake will be very tasty if you follow these simple instructions:  First remove any ornaments or any large breakable decorations.  You may choose to leave certain smaller icing decorations on the cake to retain the charm of your original design.  If the cake is resting on an unwrapped cake board, replace the board with one wrapped in foil.  This will keep the cardboard taste from seeping into the cake. If the cake is resting on a plastic separator plate, it's fine to leave that on when freezing.  Next place the cake in the freezer for about an hour.  This will firm up the icing and prevent it from adhering to the wrap.  Now you are ready to wrap the cake.  Completely cover the cake with plastic wrap, making sure to wrap air tight.  Follow by wrapping with at least two layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil.  The more protection you give the cake, the less chance of freezer taste or burn.  If desired, you can place the cake in a freezer storage container.  On the day before your 1st Anniversary, take the cake out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator.  After about 2 hours, remove the cake from its wrappings and allow the cake to continue to defrost.  Just before serving, let the cake rest at room temperature.  The cake will taste as good as it did on your wedding day.